Instructions for using the hall during COVID-19

Hall User Responsibilities

  • All Hall user groups are responsible for ensuring none of those attending the hall has symptoms of Covid-19 (High temperature/fever, cough or loss of smell) or has been in contact with anyone testing positive for Covid-19.
  • All hall user groups must prepare and be guided by a risk assessment for their activity.
  • All hall user groups and their members must practice physical distancing when in or around the hall including around the doors.
  • All hall user groups must adhere to the measures described below when in the John McLintock Hall.


  • Maintain a 2m distance form others wherever possible.
  • Adhere to the directional signage throughout the hall.
  • Adhere strictly to the room capacity as displayed on the doors of the hall areas.
  • Check and use the corridors, stairs, toilets, lift* and kitchen facilities one at a time in accordance with the signage.

*Where help is required for those using the lift we expect this to be in accordance with Scottish Government advice and guideline relevant to the Covid-19 Pandemic.


  • Do not use any hall equipment unless specified for your user group use when booking your hall let.
  • Do not enter the taped off areas.
  • Do not touch the taped off equipment, rooms or cupboards.
  • Do not touch or use other hall equipment or that of other user groups.
  • Use hand sanitiser on entry to the building, wash hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitiser while in the building.
  • An appropriate face covering when inside the building is recommended.

Cleaning and capacity changes

The Covid-19 threat means the hall has to operate in a different way than in the past. To keep users as safe as possible we have introduced more frequent cleaning and hygiene measures in accordance with Health Protection Scotland guidance in their publication :  Core COVID-19 Information and Guidance for General (Non-Healthcare) Settings Version 4.61 Publication date: 21 August 2020’   and any future updates.

Movement around the hall will be altered to reduce close, face to face  meeting.  The use of equipment will be limited and we will reduce the capacity of the rooms for 2m distancing as follows:

Main Hall – 45 

Lower Hall – 16

Meeting room – This room is closed due to the limit on capacity.

These instructions will be reviewed as guidance develops.

Covid-19 Conditions of Let